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We have so many options available to those who find it in their hearts to help Holy Cat Whiskers Rescue and these sweet cats. Cats stay with us for as long as it takes to find them loving, new homes, but the reality is that some never do, and their home is the shelter. We never put a healthy cat to sleep and it's difficult to turn away a cat in need. We can't do this alone. Explore the ways that you can help, give us a call, pitch in. Your help, in any way, is appreciated beyond measure.

Be a Volunteer

This is an ongoing and critical need for our shelter. As you can see, we have many mouths to feed and many chores to accomplish each and every day. It's an all-hands-on-deck situation here. We love our cats, and each one deserves all the loving care we can provide. If you are willing to spend a few hours at the shelter, we can sure use your help.

Can you do general carpentry? We always need interactive cat perches and cat trees built. There are also light maintenance tasks like replacing light fixtures, installing window screens, and other chores.

Outside tasks need taken care of as well, so if you like to mow the grass, shovel snow, or do handyman jobs, please don't hesitate to offer assistance.

We have several fund-raising events each year. Help with preparations, phone calls, set up and clean up is needed at those times. Do you like event and party planning? Then this type of help is right up your alley, and the kitties will sure love you for helping! Check our Events page for any upcoming dates if you would like to lend a hand.

Be a Shopper

We all go grocery shopping and frequently run errands. Check our current list of supplies that are in demand all the time, and if you see an item or two on sale during your shopping trips, pick them up and drop them off at Holy Cat Whiskers.

Are you an online shopper? It's a great convenience, right? We have a Wish List set up at Chewy for you. There you will find a list of items that are of need here. Chewy will ship them right to our door, so no extra driving for you! Here is a the web site. 


Be a Donor or Sponsor

Time is something we all value, and we realize that not everyone who wants to help has the time to volunteer.


Your donations are certainly welcome at any time.

Monetary Donations: You can make a monetary donation whenever you like. Make checks payable to: Holy Cat Whiskers Rescue and donate at or mail to:

Andover Bank 6611 N. Ridge Rd, Madison, OH 44057, Paypal.

Holy Cat Whiskers events: please consider volunteering a few hours, donating a raffle item, or filling a need for the event. Our Events page lists upcoming events.

Matching Gifts: Did you know that many employers will match donations to local charities? Ask them to match your donation, or even to sponsor a cat!

Memorial Gifts: Keep us in mind if you are looking for ways to help in your memorial donations or in your requests for charitable donations in lieu of funeral flowers.


Can't adopt a cat because someone in the family has allergies? Have too many cats already? Sponsorship goes a long way. We are solely funded by donations, meaning we receive no government aid, and we are run solely by volunteers. You can help defray the cost of caring for a cat by sponsoring a shelter cat for as little as $20.00 a month. Your tax-deductible sponsorship helps pay for food, litter, and medical costs, all of which are huge expenses. Make a one-time contribution or a monthly donation. It's your choice. Send your sponsorship check(s) to the address above.

Time spent with cats is never wasted.~May Sarton

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